Clonning - first power up

dub 19, 14:21


HW is ready, it is in box and ready for start.
First check was with multimeter, if there is no shortcircuit.
Second without rare IC (6809, 6522, AY)
all voltages seems to be OK.
than power up with all IC and oscilloscope on XY.


dont work :-(

at first some output is here, but wrong one, it also doesnot make any sound.
May be some problem on Data or Adress bus, measured, but all lines are fine, no short, no open pin.

than what about changes from original?
ROM is connected correctly
RAM also
but with LogicAnalyzer, OE, CE and RW have wrong values!
Once more check of added circuit for CE and I have it, one pin is connected to wrong line.
After 5 minutes and small soldering we have on osci first image :-)

who can recognize which game is on osci?





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