Clonning - Multicart test

dub 19, 14:36

As I allready write in previous post, to play some games we need multicart.
I made one by description from internet, in general it is big EEPROM with switches to select game.
For my design is used AMIC 29040-70F, some resistors for pulldown and dip piano.
Nothing special, but during test doesnot work. At the end, problem was only that my FLASH have different position for WE and VPP than general EPROMS.
One short cable repair this mistake and my first multicart works.

Picture bellow is now from some other game than first screenshot. It is also in XY mode, than we can see that vectrex really works :-)
Unfortunatelly PS2 joysticks did not arrive yet … but at first look it is very nice. (at least for me)





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