Vectex Clone - Backup plan

dub 19, 20:08

During thinking about Vectrex clone, I of course think what should I use as display. Idea with lasers was of course most “cool” but to be honest, I only hope that lasers will be fast enought.
As you see result, they are not.

Than what was my backup plan?

First was to make some device which will draw vectors to memory and than display it as normal image (VGA will be best).
Second was clone also CRT part of Vectrex.

My choice is first one, I do not want to build televison, vectrex will be small, probably will work with normal monitors, maybe beamers :-)

Than my plan is this connect together:

  • fast analog to digital convertes
  • fast SRAM
  • CPLD or similar device

Result will be something what I call Rasterizer.
Sounds easy, right?





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