Multicart - make your own

dub 28, 23:06

This instructions are based on

When I was constructing my Vectrex clone I need some easy cart for testing. This was easier description how to create you own cart.
Than I take first FLASH which I have at home, look if this is compatible and make design based on mentioned web pages.
In my design is only:

  • FLASH A29040B-70F
  • DIP Piano
  • 8× 1K 1206 SMD Resistor
  • 2X 100n 1206 capacitor

This design support 8kB and also 32kB images of games
till now I only used original binary file from link and than I can play abou 36 games.

attached to this post is PDF with circuit diagram (resistor network is instead of dipswitches :-) ), PCB design (double sided) and bin file for FLASH.

All parts was ordered from Farnell.
For programming I used very cheap but very nice programmer Genius G540 from Ebay.

Circuit diagram
PCB layout
Bin File for FLASH





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